Set My Lineup

Do you just throw the same lineup out every week and hope for the best?  Do you always start players based on how high you drafted them?  Are your decisions heavily influenced by results from the previous week? 

If so, you could probably use our help!

At we believe in optimizing your lineup for each specific week.  We are believers in playing the matchups.  Does that mean that you should bench your #1 pick just because they are playing a difficult defense?  Not necessarily, but it also doesn’t mean that you should automatically be playing that guy just because you spent an early pick on them.  It’s all about matchups and options. 

Do you need help deciding what is your best lineup for any given week?  Send us the players on your roster, as well as any important scoring settings (such as ppr, 4 pts for qb td’s etc…) and we will send you back what we think is the best lineup for you to start.  This information will be current and will take into account everything we’ve been reading throughout the week on all of the Fantasy Football websites.


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