About Us

The staff at FantasyAnswersNow.com is comprised of Fantasy Football fanatics.  With over a decade of experience playing Fantasy Football, we understand how important your specific questions are.  We don’t claim to be experts, just fantasy football addicts who spend way too much time reading about this and have been answering friends and family member’s questions for years.  The answers we will provide are not always going to be right, because the NFL is unpredictable.  However, the answers will be based off of tons of research, and we will provide stats and facts so you are equipped with all of the necessary info to make the best decisions. 

Like we said earlier, we are not “experts”.  We are fanatics.  What that means is that we have been scouring the internet for years for the best fantasy football information.  We have subscriptions to just about every single fantasy football advice website, and we read every bit of information that is posted there.  By reading the opinions of the many different “experts” or analysts, we are able to give you the most up to date information as well as a general consensus about specific players or teams or matchups. 

We are not here to provide you with definitive answers regarding your fantasy football team, rather to give you an informed opinion so that you can make the best decision for yourself.  After all, what fun is fantasy football if you’re not calling the shots?

Contact us anytime at: FantasyAnswersNow@gmail.com


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