Welcome to the only site on the planet where you can get personalized answers to the exact Fantasy Football questions you have!  There’s no more waiting around hoping one of the national “experts” happens to discuss the exact situation you’re in, we’ve got you covered.  Just send us a question and we will give you a detailed response.  At FantasyAnswersNow the responses are not pre-written blurbs about players from before the season started.  The answers & advice that we will provide you with takes into account information up to the second we click send. 

If you submit your questions between the hours of 10:00 am – 10:00 pm est. you will receive a response within 2 hours or less!

Best of all, this service is free for a limited time.

So, ask us your Fantasy Football questions and get ready to dominate your league with Fantasy Answers Now!

** While the site is still under construction, to ask us a question just leave a comment below (it will not be published, we are the only ones who will see it) with a valid e-mail address.  Thanks!


Ask us your Fantasy Football Question

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